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Google Drive Gallery

Documentation for version: 2.5.0

A plugin for creating WordPress galleries from Google Drive folders. The plugin works with subfolders, can use team drives and makes everything accessible with a simple user interface. You can download the plugin from https://wordpress.org/plugins/skaut-google-drive-gallery.

1. Downloading the plugin

  • The plugin can be downloaded directly from WordPress administration, in the „Plugins → Add New“ tab.

  • Alternatively, you can download the plugin from WordPress.org and then upload it in the „Plugins → Add New“ tab with the „Upload Plugin“ button.

2. Getting authorized and enabling the API

This step is described on a separate page.

3. Plugin settings

After getting a Google app and configuring it (second step), you need to configure the root path of the plugin. Google Drive gallery will never show anything outside this directory. That means that everything you want to display on your web page needs to be in this folder or any of its subfolders.

Root directory settings can be found on your webpage in the „Google Drive gallery → Basic options“ tab (put /wp-admin/admin.php?page=sgdg_basic at the end of your webpage url). Choose the desired root directory by traversing the directory tree and press „Save Changes“ when the intended folder is open. After saving, you should see the contents of your root directory.

To add a gallery to your webpage create a new page as you normally would. In the editor, press the „Google Drive gallery button“. Select the folder you want to use as the gallery and press „Insert“. Save the page and the gallery should be displayed in the page.

5. Advanced options

Advanced options are described on a separate page.

6. Quota issues

If you have larger galleries, you can sometimes encounter an error saying you've gone over the quota. This is an unfortunate limitation by Google where there can only be so many requests at once.

What you can do about it:

  • Make the galleries smaller - galleries which display a lot of directories at once are a source of a higher number of request to Google's servers. Not having your gallery display so many folders at once will help
  • Turn off directory item counts - although their impact is not that high, turning them off may help in some cases
  • Ask Google for a higher quota - this is the most reliable way to resolve the issue. In your Google console, head to Google Drive API → Quotas and edit the „Queries per 100 seconds per user“ value. You may need to add a billing account to your app. As far as we know, Google doesn't charge for increased usage, but you need a billing account anyway. You can even remove it later. Also, you may need to contact Google support and they can sometimes be reluctant to make the quota higher.
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